QRS Quick Remail Service  A remailing Service that is completely anonymous                    

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There are Many People who need a Re-Mailing ( Remail ) Service

QRS will remail your postal mail from Kalkaska, Michigan


Quick Remail ServiceMichigan

Reasons To Remail With a Kalkaska, MI Post Mark

  • Privacy of your real address or location while traveling.
  • Report an illegal activity to Law Enforcement.
  • Send a letter of forgiveness.
  • Inform the news media of facts that you know.
  • Send mail as a secret admirer.
  • Send an anonymous letter to report an affair.
  • Settle arguments without having a direct contact.
  • Use this service to start a budding romance.
  • Play a joke on a friend or family member.
  • Send someone on a mission to find you in northern Michigan

Cost Of Our Remail Service

QRS will remail each letter or envelope for $2.00, if you send us 5 letters or envelops the cost will be $10.00.

How To Use The Remail Service

For letters, postcards or any basic mail just place items you want to remail in larger envelope ADDRESSED AND WITH PROPER POSTAGE TO THE ADDRESS YOU WANT THE MAIL TO REACH, along with the proper fee and Send the larger envelope to QRS and we will open the larger envelope and place your mail back into the mail system with in minutes. The outer envelope will be destroyed and your mail will be untraceable with a Kalkaska, MI  Post Mark.


If you would like to know when we remail your mail, send $1.00 for each piece of mail a unique 5 digit number and then check our confirmation page. we will update the page when we recieve your mail.


All Mail Will Be Mailed With The Postage And Address You Place On The Mail.
All Mail Without The Proper Fee Will NOT Be Forwarded Or Returned.

(Postage Calculator)You will be sending from 49646

Where To Send Your Mail

11409 Hillcrest Blvd. ne
Suite 215
Kalkaska, MI 49646

Disclaimer: QRS will not be held responsible for any reason by anyone who uses our system. By using our remail system you agree to all Postal Rules and Regulations. You are not to send explosives, illegal chemicals or substances or anything else the Postal Service doesn’t allow. You are not to harass anyone by mail or do any other activities the Postal System doesn’t allow.